2006-06-10 / 7:46 a.m.


Well Aussie died yesterday morning. Best we can figure it was a heart attack. I'm still a little shook up; there is something inherantly tramatic about petting your cat while he dies. My dad kindly came over and got him; he is now buried in the back yard of my parents house.
It just seems so unfair. He wasnt that old, he was in good health, and he was the sweetest cat in the world. Even people who didnt necessarily like cats liked Aussie. He never bit or scratched, he would let you do anything to him and he would just lay there and take it. All he ever wanted was to sit in someone's lap and be petted.
The worst is that Zelda is now so upset. She wondered around the apartment crying and looking for him yesterday, and now she wont leave my side. Brian tried to make me feel better by reminding me that she will have a friend soon. Still I will never forget how when I got her, Aussie would carry her around in his mouth like a mother cat. I know she misses him.
I can only hope to one day have another cat as sweet as him. I kinda think it was a rarity though. :(

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