Suggestions for a few states

2006-05-31 / 8:58 a.m.


As I drove through some of our fine Southern States I realized that there were some things they could be doing better to make traveler's lives a little easier. I mean here we are driving through their state spending money at their gas stations and McDonalds; the least they could do is make it pleasant.

You don’t need a welcome to Louisiana sign; I knew where I was by the ca-chunk sound my car made as it made the drop from nice even Texas pavement to the absolute crap you get to call a road. I shouldn’t have to turn down my music wondering why there is an extra beat to Steve Perry's back up, then panicking thinking I have a flat tire all before realizing that no, the car is fine but this is the shittiest road I've ever driven on. This happened twice. Oh and please think about investing some money in teaching your drivers that the left lane is for passing only; not boxing me in because you are driving to slow to pass a semi.
You are a pretty state. I liked you, but that bridge you have crossing the Mississippi river is horrendous. All it did was make me imagine that I was going to plummet to my death speared by tons of steel. Also I know that I20 is a only a 4 lane highway for most of its length but usually it gets widened in the cities for ease of travel due to the extra traffic it picks up. Think about it, maybe then I wouldn’t have had to sit on it for an hour in Meridian waiting for an accident to be cleared.
Where to begin? To start with I suggest street lights on your major highways. Granted I didn’t drive on 80 at night but I had 130 something miles to drive on it and figure out what was not quite right. The highway just looked strange. Then it hit me: no street lights, you would be crazy to drive that 2 lane road at night! Another equally important idea is street signs. Please get some. Visitors don’t know where they are and there is absolutely nothing to direct them. Also try being more creative with your street names: one city doesn’t need all those highway 80's.
I appreciate you so much now. What with your smooth highways, your plethora of streetlights, and ample street/direction signs, you make driving a breeze. The state has no income tax and we manage to do all this. The only problem I had was with some drivers not following the drive in the right lane rule. I was a little upset then I noticed the plates: every one of them was from Louisiana!


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