the weekend in a nutshell

2005-01-31 / 6:22 a.m.


You know what sucks...having a cold. I cant breathe so I had to try to sleep sitting up last night which really doesnt work very well, just so you know. I'm not sleepy anymore but I just want to lay down somewhere and not move my stuffy head. Thats not going to happen though because yay work and school.
I went and saw my dog at moms this weekend. She has been having horrible seizures and it is probably the last time I'll get to see her. I didnt think I was that upset since I knew she had been sick and she will be better off, but I cried and cried when I held her. Molly has always been my dog so its a little rough. Then mom and I started talking about the dreaded move. There was lots of tears and accusations but I think we are ok now. She does want whats best for me its jut hard and I understand that. I think she finally understood that while I am happy this is also hard for me and part of me doesnt want to go because of my family and friends. I do know that I want to go up there though and I think things are going to be ok. Brian was a real ass when I was trying to talk to him about it, he basically ignored me to play his game, which generally I'm ok with but not when 've been crying for several hours. Basically I didnt need him to do anything just be there and he wasnt. But he actually called me back and apologized. That totally made up for it. I was shocked. I think I really know now that things have changed and we have both grown up. Its an amazing feeling...although if he gets a puppy I will kill him. I have cats and there is no way in hell he'll take care of it and I dont need one more thing to take care of. As it is he cant even cook ramen noodles properly anymore so I have qute a job on my hands.
Well I guess its off to get ready for work. It doesnt feel like Monday since there was no Boston Legal on last night...although I did get about 80 geology terms defined I missed the witty banter of James Spader and William Shatner. I hate you ABC.

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