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2005-02-01 / 11:10 p.m.

Reading:: Ultimate History of Video Games

its never fun to wake up with a bloody nose, I mean unless I had some cool story to go with it like a bar fight or something instead of a shitty cold and the fact that cold medicine has a tendency to dry out my nasal passages enough that they bleed. I fucking hate cold medicine, allergy medicine and any other medicine that makes me bleedy or groggy. Wait a second...I guess the groggy is ok though, I did sleep though Liz getting ready this morning.
Oh this morning was wonderful...we had the delightful new coffee we ordered off of the internet...mmmmm Iron Chef Sakai you make a good coffee. Thats right Iron Chef coffee. It made me feel like I was sitting in kitchen stadium.

All joking aside, it was actually good coffee. I enjoyed it anyway. Not as bitter as starbucks can be and much smoother than the swill we have at work.
I started rereading a book today that I absolutely enjoy...The Ultimate History of Video Games.

I highly recomend it. It goes all the way back to the origins of video gaming with pinball and Spacewar (the MIT game) but it isnt boring. Its got lots of quotes form key industry people like Nolan Bushnell and has some great legends settled once and for all. Gosh I am such a geek. Sometimes I wonder what I'm thinking with all this crap but hey it entertains me. Plus you never know when a trival pursuit question will come up about the founders of Atari. You better pray I'm on your team.
Is it stupid that I try to email Brian most mornings just to say hi? I might be annoying him, but who knows? Sometimes he likes those sorts of things and its part of me trying to be a good girlfriend. Gosh sometimes I make myself want to vomit.

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