ummm yeah...ok

2005-02-03 / 7:06 a.m.

Listening:: my cats whine
Playing:: Namco Museum-GBA the book made me nostalgic
Reading:: The Ultimate History of Video Games

I was cruising amazon today and I found the most disturbing thing in the world a home defibrillator. You know one of those things that if your heart stops the doctor at the hospital shocks you with? It is perhaps the most cliched instument for all medical tv shows...CLEAR!! It was full of wonderful reviews and for the life of me I cant figure out why...that thing could be dangerous. Some people are probably smart enough to figure out how to use one, some people work in the medical field already and its ok, others...well lets just say I know some people who have no business running one of those things. Most of the people I work with have and IQ lower than that of a chipmunk so I could just imagine...someone passes out they shock and kill them...or somehow end up shocking and killing themselves. I'm sure the company thought it would be helping the general public but the general public's intelligence is going downhill. Stupid Phillip's.
I am going to my dads tonight to pick up some potato soup he made me. He knows I've been sick so it was really sweet. Also he mentioned going to the movies this weekend. We probably wont but still its a nice thought. I might end up watching hte game with him since jen's tv is broken. Everyone wants to just come over here, but frankly I am too poor to host and I dont feel like cleaning up after a room full of superbowl fans make a drunken mess of my living room.
sigh. I have to go to school soon but I think I'm going to go take a short nap before hand...I am so tired this morning.

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