I need some caffine

2005-02-05 / 8:06 a.m.

Playing:: the Legend of Zelda---GBA
Reading:: The Ultimate Guide to Video Games

3 years ago today Brian and I started dating. I only realized that because yesterday was Laura and Abels 3 year anniversary and I thought that it was kinda ironic. I wouldnt use the term anniversary for us, since we have managed to break up several times in the past 3 years, but its still a beginning. It was the first time we kissed and when we finally dropped the charade of getting a 2 bedroom apartment when we moved in together. I remember it snowed and I had locked my keys in my car earlier that day, Brian met my mom for the first time and everyone from waldens called at least once that evening to see if it really was a date. This isnt something I expect Brian to remember becuase as much as I love him, memory isnt his strong point. Its enough that I remember. Still it kinda makes me all nostalgic...We've been through a lot and we still end up together and I think that says as much about us as anything. Maybe it means we're pathetic but I'd like to call it love.
I got elizabeth sick, I feel bad about that but it was inevitable. Living together means you share germs. Thats ok at least we already had some pheudophedrine in the house. Plus the nap times have been great. I think I was up about 3 hours total after work before bed yesterday. Sometimes you need sleep.
So I have to work today. Let me tell you it blows. I just want to go play some GTA or some Zelda and veg today. As it is that will be my plan for after work, but till then I better go finish getting ready.

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