"Calling all mawlers, backstreet brawlers, all corner shop crawlers..."

2005-02-10 / 7:12 a.m.

Listening:: The Streets--Lets Push things Forward (british rap rocks)
Playing:: GTA--I suck thats all there is to it.
Reading:: Ultimate History of Video Games---I swear I will finish it soon

Apparently the doctors have put my mom on blood pressure medication. She called to let me know this at work yesterday...still not quite sure why...but I do hope that this and the celexa will calm her down just a bit, although as of late she hasnt been as unreasonable towards me, I just hate to know its coming.
My freind Blake was really sad yesterday at work. He managed to break up with his girlfriend, but its still hard, they have been together over a year, but honestly its for the best. I mean you can put up with a lot of things but people going pyscho and hitting you is not acceptable, boy or girl. Plus cheating on people is unforgivable. Since she has managed both of these, its time to go. I wouldnt have stuck around this long. I mean unless you were quitting smoking...in which case feel free to pop me in the mouth to get rid of some frustration. :) Danielle and Ana G. were really funny telling Blake that he should hook up with me that way I wouldn't leave the state. This is me not laughing. I guess it is sweet they dont wont me to leave but ummm no. At least my mom just offered me a Dyson vaccuum cleaner and a place to live rent free with the cats...
Last night was fun. Liz cooked dinner and made brownies and we watched American Idol, Wife Swap, and Iron Chef super battle or something...AI was amusing as usual, but wife swap pissed me off. They always make texans and southerns look like intolerant assholes. A republican Jesus-freak switched places with a lesbian. The lesbian was really nice and had fun with the kids and the husband, but the republican bitch accused her of being a sexual predator and told her that she was depraved. What really made me angry was the fact that the husband didnt say anything...he had fun and liked the lesbian but sat there and let his wife talk shit about her and she didnt even know her. GRRRRR... thanks again tv for making us look stupid. Now Iron Chef was a treat. Sakai and Battali angainst Morimoto and Flay...unfortunately the team I was for lost. I still think it should have been Japanese against American...it wouldnt have been a competition, come on sea urchins? But Flay did cut his finger and burn a bunch of stuff that Morimoto just let burn...if you cant tell I just dont care for Bobby Flay...he seems like an ass, although he looks freakishly like daniel. Plus come on people we didnt need an iron chef barbeque, calling it southwestern doesnt make it not BBQ, he still puts honey in everything he makes, and I'm sure hes praying for the day the secret ingredient is ribs.
Ok well its off to school and before work I have to go get Bri a card so Liz can airborne his present for me...shes the best!! I love you Lesbian!!!

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