Top of the Morning to ya

2005-02-25 / 7:12 a.m.


So sleepy...I went out last night to Bennigans for Laura's birthday. It seems her family didnt really do anything or her boyfriend so she was sad. Well Garcia and I took care of that. Blake, Garcia, Laura, Ray and I all went and ate and Garcia and Ray and I drank. The other two are under 21. Actually so is Garcia but she looks like her cousin so her old id always works. It was really nice of Ray to come, being one of the bosses and all, he even bought us all appetizers. He can be kinda difficult to work with but he really is a good guy.
SO Garcia and I split 2 of those huge Paddy O'Punch things. They didnt really make me drunk but boy are they good. Normally I dont go out drinking on a work night but I remember what it was like to be under 21 and Garcia wanted to share so I did. Shes a good kid.
Found out the creepiest news yesterday...A child molester lives next door. YAY!! I'm probably safe since I'm out of his age group but still...sickos scare me.
Ok I had better go get ready for work: Ray opens and he made us promise not to call in. :)

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