"She drew a gun and shot her lover down..madam..."

2005-03-04 / 7:12 a.m.

Listening:: Miss Otis Regrets---Bette Midler
Playing:: GTA 3
Reading:: Jack the Rippers Black Magic Rituals

I've always known my mom was crazy but sometimes I forget. My aunt carolyn and Uncle bill(technically cousins but dont worry about that) stopped by because they havent talked to us in years and they wanted to say hi. They wanted to know how mom was and why she never returned their calls or letters. I'm in the middle of my job and I have a little class so I didnt say oh she hates you, I just said she moved and it was good to see you and all that stuff. I thought it was nice of them. Mom on the other hand freaks out on me, saying why didnt you defend me, and I cant figure out what I'm supposed to be defending her from...their thoughtfulness? Yes they dont make much of an effort to be good family members, they rarely call or put out any effort, but neither does mom. All my life I heard how horrible they were, but now that I'm older I know that mom is way to needy and doesnt understand that people have lifes. They have three kids, a grandkid living with them, and Bill has prostate cancer; maybe they are a little busy and dont have all the time in the world to babysit my mom. It just made me angry becuase she acted like they did something wrong by stopping by to see me, and that it was not really to see me, just to get perscriptions. GAh... Of course Craig told them I dont do anything at work...he'll get his one day.
I had the strangest dream, I was going to visit Brian, but apparently the airport was at the NE mall and so was my job, and I had to finish closing before I could leave, and it was taking too long. Then I went down to buy a book for the flight and Waldens didnt have any, alll they had were cds and dvds, and a few paperback romances. Irene was there, but she didnt know why it was like that, and one of our stupid employees kept asking stupid questions. I missed my flight too. Talk about a nightmare!!
Ok well I am off to work. Not looking forward to it, we have craploads of cycle we didnt finish last night to do. I hope LC isnt pissed.

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