Die orb of death, die!!!

2005-03-06 / 10:35 a.m.

Listening:: solitaire music from Liz's computer
Playing:: Baldurs gate
Reading:: Jack the Ripper's Black Magic Rituals

Well for 2 nights in a row Liz and I have been up till all hours of the night playing baldur's gate. Its been really awesome, even if I did have to go buy a new controller. I dont know what it is about sony products, but they suck. When Brian was here I had to buy one too. This time the other one broke. Cant they make anything not shoddy? Oh well, all we have left is the ice dragon, the Marsh of Chelimber and the end boss, then we get to do it all over again like 6 more times!! I am determined to beat this game on extreme. Right now we're on easy, but we'll get there.
Liz was just watching you cant do that on television on her computer. I forgot how much I loved that show. It was so funny with the firing squad and the slime...
I think today I'm supposed to go get my hair dyed, that and go shopping with Danielle. I honestly just want to stay in my pj's and play video games, but at some point I do have to go get Dani a birthday present,since she's turning 22 tomorrow. Blake turns 21 Wednesday so the joint keg party is this weeekend. Its going to be sweet. Bri went to a keg party this weekend and he didnt have much fun, but I will know everyone at this party so I dont have to worry about social awkwardness. I dont like strangers either, so I feel his pain.
Ok time to go find some yummy breakfast and get this day started!!!

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