where oh where is my tax return?!

2005-03-09 / 7:13 a.m.

Listening:: I lvoe you Period---Dan Baird
Playing:: Baldurs Gate
Reading:: Portrait of a Killer

I really dont want to go to work today. Its getting harder and harder to get my ass up and face that shithole I call a job. Its sad really, at one point I liked my job, I dont konw when that changed. Probably after I figured out that most everyone there was lazy, Larry is an ass, and doing your job well gets you nothing. Le sigh. I would like to stay home and play some baldurs gate and apply for a new job, but I will probably be responsible and go. I bet this freaking sty is the hate trying to leak out of my eye.
I have a birthday get together tonight. I dont really see the point considering Saturday is the party but whatever. Its at Razoo's which quite frankly I find disqusting. I know a lot of people like it, but everytime I eat there I get sick. Plus I think there food tastes like ass. I guess I'm gonna have to just get the fried pickles and a beer and then head home as soon as possible. Some of the pharmacists are going so maybe I wont have to pay for anything. That would be awesome.
I have to play Baldurs Gate tonight. Bri started a game so we can play with our characters together, but knowing him he'll max out his character and I will still be a measily level 17 or something. I dont even think I'm that high yet. So yeah gots to play it a lot and reach level 40. It will be done.

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