Anyone need a pharmacy tech?

2005-04-05 / 8:08 a.m.


Its been a long time since Larry has made me cry. Hes always a bastard but this time he went too far. I can handle when he acts like an ass and I've screwed up, or when he things we are having a little too much fun at work, but when I didnt do anything wrong and I get blamed for someone elses mistake its not right. I'm sorry that Dana sends the order so late it freaked out the MD computers, but thats not my problem. I have no way of knowing that the order didnt go through when I sent it considering the screen said sent and the order cleared off, yet obviously I have no clue on how to do my job. Oh and yes even though I dont work up front I will start making sure that everything they need is ordered in that separate pharmacy since it now is my job when I dont even work up there. What was I thinking. I was just so mad. Explaining to him the problem wasnt working it was just all my fault. Vicki was the only other pharmacist there and she told him it wasnt my fault but it did no good. She took me in the IV room and told me next time he started that to blame whichever pharmacist was working (saturday was her) because he loved blaming them and everything was always her fault anyway. Well Mr. Cowan you made a mistake because I am applying at a few other places today. I know I wont be there long but I could use the experience in a hospital setting anyway.
Then I felt really bad because Brian had gotten his friends to get on and help us during WoW and I didnt know and wasnt on when I said I would be. I'm sorry but please let me know if something like this is going on, and I didnt even feel like playing after yesterday, I just wanted some advil and some ice cream, but calling me 8 times isnt going to make me get on any faster. That just irrated me. Irrationally I know but it did. For Bri this game is a way of life, soemthing to play everyday, but its not for me. I have fun with it, but I dont plan on playing everyday and yesterday I just felt like it was expected of me and I had too rough a day to worry about how shitty a player I truly am at that game while his friends are watching me screw up as usual. I didnt mean to be a jerk though, I was just in a bad mood and I do appreciate him trying to cheer me up. In fact I almost quit my job and said fuck it and moved last night. Sometimes I just wish I were with him as stupid as that seems, its nice to have him around cause he makes me feel better.

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