I hate people.

2005-04-23 / 7:01 a.m.


Have you ever just had a shitty ass day and all you wanted was to talk to someone who was important to you and they cant even answer the damned phone? I love spending time with my trashy aunt, my mom, my dad, and my obviously dying grandmother. I think my mom and I finally convinced my dad that Dub is ok its just that Nanny is losing her mind. She doesnt remeber what you said to her literally 5 miinutes later. Some times it just hits you that you are about to lose your grandparents. They are 80 years old, and the only ones I have left. My family isnt the easiest on a good day, and never easy on a bad day. Mom has been wonderful though. She has done everything she could to help out about my granddad. I think she finally succeeded.
I made Zelda an appointmernt for Wednesday afternoon for a consultation and her rabies booster. So hopefully I can afford whatever has to be done the next week.
I told Bri that I would be home around 7. I thought i would, but family stuff is never an exact science especially with my family. I was upset and I just wanted to talk to him. He doesnt answer his phone, fine hes out smoking, on the other line whatever. I check my email, do all the stupid things I have to do and decide I'll play a little WoW. Hes on there, cant even talk to me, since he's busy doing stuff we were gonna do together. I got irrationally angry. I know its stupid, and I know he had no way of knowing how shitty my day had been, but its a goddamn game. Maybe if you know someone you care about has been at the hospital all ngiht you should at least answer your phone and say I'll call you back, and not type at them later, I'm busy cant talk doing that thing you and I were going to do. I can at least realize its stupid for me to be angry but I am. I was crying and upset and then I go to play the damn game and it craps out on me. I just wanted to talk to someone and since that wasnt happening I went to bed. I'm still a little upset honestly. ITs not that big of a deal and I'll get over it, but I just kinda dont want to talk anymore. the moment has passed where I did.
I have to go shoe shopping with Jen for her wedding today, then I have a birthday dinner at papasito's in fort worth. Its a busy weekend. I have to plan the shower for Jen too, its in a few weeks so I need invitations by monday. Yay.

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