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2005-08-02 / 9:58 a.m.

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Reading:: a series of unfortunate events

So going to the Flying Saucer is always enormously fun, even if T.J. is a painful reminder of things from the past. It was good times had by all, with Dani and Jen and I just a little tipsy, Paige hilarious as usual, and TJ nerdy as ever. Thats ok though, I really do enjoy hearing about the new goings on in the Marvel Universe and I now know that I must pick up a copy of House of M since it actually has a main role for the Scarlet Witch who is one of my favorites. I always liked the crappy characters and series; Alpha Flight and Snowbird, West Coast Avengers and Scarlet Witch, sigh. Anyway we drank, we laughed, we marble slabbed it (2 minutes till close) and we cursed B&N downtown for being the only one we know of that closes at 10 instead of 11.
I realized this morning that with out my roommate around I have the horrible crazy habit of talking to myself. Not full on conversations or anything, just little things like "oh look at that!" or"hmmm what do I want to do now." I've tried to play it off by addressing the cats but frankly I dont know which is crazier: talking to yourself or talking to cats. Maybe I finally cracked who knows, or maybe I'm perfectly normal and dont know it. Speaking of I just reread the book Kissing Doorknobs, which is a must read if you suffer from any type of OCD. I am completely convinced I do, just no where near the extreme of this poor girl. I had a conversation with Teresa about it yesterday since everyone was making fun of my four hundred tupperware containers for lunch, when finally I exploded in the break room with a yell of damn it I just dont like my food to touch. This is the reason I need the tupperware that is compartmented. SO people dont think your eating six hundred things at lunch.
So another day off and i have lots to do and books to read as well. :)Ah the joys of not going to Glenview Pharmacy.

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