its hotter than hell and it just rained!

2005-08-16 / 2:49 p.m.

Reading:: hot in my house I may die.. I've been packing like a crazy woman today. My office is now all packed except for the computer obviously, but that will be the last thing that I unhook. Every book, magazine, and useless piece of paper that I keep for no apparent reason that was in this room is packed. Now all I need is to do the other 4 rooms and I'll be done. I know it doesnt sound like a lot, but in all fairness this is the room that had the most of my stuff iin it; even more than my bedroom. Of course that may be because mt bedroom was so freakin' tiny, that after my bed I was lucky to fit my clothes in there.
I need new book cases so if anyone wants to buy me some awesome Ikea bookshelves to unpack onto I would be ever so appreciative. :) See I'm even cheap, I like Ikea.
I need to get most of my packing done before this weekend...its going to be a tough weekend. I was supposed to be moving you know...
Well anyway I get my keys monday so it should be interesting. I cant wait honestly. I just know next Tuesday will be filled with dozens of car trips as I frantically take stuff to ready my new kitchen. A new place to make dozens of scrambled eggs!!

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