Eating out with your parents is great if your poor!

2005-08-19 / 7:56 p.m.

Listening:: Go-Gos--we got the beat
Playing:: nothing!!!
Reading:: alton browns gear for your kitchen

Well just so you know even if its a little creepy to have some guy yelling out his car window wanting your number and saying you're hot, it still makes you feel nice. It couldnt have come at a better time either. I've been all down lately for no reason, I hide it well, but still.
So a couple of people at my job keep asking for the address to this diary. I'm thinking about it, but it just makes me nervous. The people I have to see daily dont really need to know how sad/weird/pathetic I can be. Now total strangers and close personal friends thats a different story! I might let one or two of them, but honestly I'm a little different in real life. I dont whine as much and I am eternally cheerful. This diary is my release, my catharsis, so I dont become what I dread the most (my mother). No one wants to hear me whine about boys or how their happy lives make me kinda sad, so I do it here, so if you dont want to read that entry you can skip it and come back when I'm a little more entertaining. Not that I ever am, but I'm sure sometimes I am mildly amusing; like that time I got cat bit. That was funny right? SO maybe it only comes once a year, I'm due some funny time then.
Oh and by the way if you read this and you check it from somewhere that would come up as let me know. Right now I can think of one person who is in anyway associated with them and sufice to say they can stay the fuck out of my personal business. If its someone else, then yay thanks for reading! Just leave me a note saying hi.
Is it odd that I find Alton Brown attractive? I know that he's not in the conventional since, but damn he can cook, he's funny, and lets face it I like nerds.

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