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2005-08-24 / 8:27 p.m.

Listening:: myself--humming Dance Magic Dance

Muppet Mania

Sweet Jesus the Muppet Show is out on DVD! Thats my secret shame: I love the muppets and anything to do with the muppets. Needless to say I am going to have to purchase this as soon as funds permit. I remember being a child and renting movies at the local Kroger when we bought groceries; I always made my mother get me Muppets Take Manhattan. Oh and Miss Piggy was such a role model. for moi? of course. And all the muppet side projects like the Dark Crystal and most especially Labrinyth hold a special place in my heart. I was probably one of the only kids in love with David Bowie, but come on leave the damn kid and take the goblin king fool!! Its freakin' David Bowie, he's awesome. Plus I dont know what it is about the ball scene that just makes me think hes the hottest thing on the planet, but it cant be just me. I realize most people dont share my love of the muppets and are probably reading this going WTF? but man the muppet show is classic tv, and gosh I'm excited.
Ha now hes datable!

In other creepier news, Rupert Grint is now legal. Elizabeth called to tell me the good news. Then after that we sat and came up with all these weird senarios involving Daniel Radcliffe, Alan Rickman, and Alton Brown. It was absolutely hilarious on the phone but now when I'm thinking about writing it down, it just seems strange. Thank God I dont have to justify my sense of humor to anyone.
the move from hell

I have to say this move is making me find out who my real friends are. Its funny how you say the worlds I'm moving, and suddenly the people you hang out with every weekend disapear like you have leprosy. Even my own parents are too busy. I may be weak and girlie, but I'm thankful I dont find moving boxes to be that difficult of a chore. Albiet a boring and unpleasant chore, especially in August, but one that I can manage.

Someone got to my diary by searching pantene curls music commercial. I havent got a clue what they were looking for, or more importantly that I had ever used those words in one entry. Evidently I had. Another search that led to me today was Roanoke Tekken. Now roanoke is a city and Tekken is a video game, so what the two have in common is beyond me. I love seeing the weird stuff that gets people here, it always makes me laugh. Now if only I'll get a hit on Rupert Grint legal, or David Bowie hot, my night would be made!

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