Kansas or bust!

2005-09-15 / 10:28 a.m.


I was supposed to have an algebra test today, but it has been moved to Tuesday. oddly enough this makes me angry. I took the time to actually prepare for it and now I have a weekend to forget Chapter one as I work on chapter 2. Where is the logic?
I have inspired Tim. With all my crazed theater talk he is gooing to go ahead and get started on his bar/comic book shop. I'm not really sure if the two things go together, but I'm sure it sounded good while he was high. That crazy hippie. Anyway its nice to be an inspiration, even if it is just to Tim. Now if only we can find out about the Isis everything will be moving along at a nice speed. I told my mother about my plans and after she stopped laughing she tried to be supportive and helpful. She's not very good at either, but at least she did own her own business for a very long time.
I've really appreciated the info I've received from Curtis as well. Hes a fellow blogger at blogspot and I'd put a link but frankly I'm lazy and I have very little time before speech class. Soon I'll link him on my buddy list but not being a diaryland member means I actually have to copy and paste things...so I'm sure I'll get around to it before the new year. I do have to say thanks to his info I called Liz and told her we were taking a road trip to Kansas. I love how she said ok, then asked why we were going. Nothing like spontaneity folks. The only problem is driving through oklahoma to get there. UGH!
Well its off to class but first: most disturbing thing I've heard recently- A band playing Usher at a football game. If I have to live next door to Pennington Field and here marching bands every morning and every Friday night, at least do not play hip-hop. Its just disturbing.

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