ugh wine mouth!

2005-10-23 / 10:33 a.m.


The wedding was super fun last night. It made up for the horrors of the rehersal. We ate good and shook our groove thangs all night! I rode with my friend K-rod (thats Kami to the none pharmacy people) and we stayed a little later than planed so she could sober up just a bit to drive us home. Not that it helped any: she's a terrible driver anyway. I have some great pictures of my boss Larry trying to dance; I cant wait to get those developed. Hell I might even put a few up here.
I could have gone to IHOP with a few people from work, but every last one of them had there fiance with them, so I wasnt really looking forward to being the odd girl out. I also apparently could have gone to the Fox and the Hound to continue drinking with Michael's friends. Tyson invited me, but honestly I dont know them or him, and I think he was blinded by my boobalicious dress. Once again not wanting to be the odd girl out, I (probably) wisely chose to go home. I arrived about one with my beautiful flower arrangement from our wedding table. Its good to be in the program: it means you can steal flowers.
So today I need to finish cleaning and I need to get dressed and go see Jennifer. Honestly I will probably read a book and watch tv most of the day. I have a hideous headache and that stale wine taste in my mouth that is just so damn resistant to crest.

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