The one where I am lazy

2005-10-25 / 8:51 a.m.

Listening:: ld bell? or Trinity? band
Playing:: Baldur's gate
Reading:: Wicked

I had the best lazy Sunday I've had in a good long while. Its been forever since I didnt even get out of my pajamas. Lets just say it wasnt upseting in the least that my cell phone was dead. See I stupidly left my charger at work Friday and by Sunday I had half a bar of magic phone juice left. Whats more ironic is the fact that I got more calls Sunday then I ever do in a day. I had five voice messages and about 8 missed calls. HA! The lure of Pizza Hut kept me inside and Baldurs Gate kept me entertained. I love that game. Me and my level 14 elven sorceress are kicking ass. I dont care if SOME people think I should have tried another class...I'm comfortable with that one, and coming from someone who hates change so much that was pretty ironic. :)
Yesterday I had my eye appointment. Next Wednesday I will go back under the ole lasik knife and hopefully come out with nice vision again. I'll be honest I kinda feel like I'm playing the odds with my sight and I put my foot down with my mother: in 2 years if my eyes start acting up again too damn bad, I'm getting glasses. They will never be as bad as they were anyway. Needless to say I'm a little frightened. Its much worse this time since I know what they are going to do. Now I get to stay with my parents for a few nights since I am incabable of putting eye drops in my own eyes. For joy. At least I'll be eating well. I fully intend on packing up a playstation or a gamecube and taking it with me. I still remember beating Zelda: Ocarina of Time with my clear vision in the days after the surgery. We are trying to decide who to take me to the surgery. Oddly enough I think my dad would be the better choice. He is like me in the "dont you dare touch my eyes, I might puke" catagory so he is the more sypathetic choice. Either way, everyone pity me: I am really freaked out about this: 10mg valium or not.
On a side note: my best friend has disapeared. Literally. I havent seen her in weeks, she doesnt even call hardly. Its odd. We havent gotten into a fight so I'm at a loss. Last I heard she was supposed to come over Sunday night. I didnt even get a phone call.
Well I'm off to the shower with a littel accompanying music. Lord knows I love the sound of band music in the morning.

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