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2005-11-09 / 7:21 a.m.

Reading:: A Game of Thrones--George R.R. Martin

Sigh, apathy is killing the world. Today I am ashamed to be a Texan. We apparently are overwhelmingly against gays and their rights to live just like everyone else and get married. I'm sorry that I live here, and I'm more sorry about the number of people I know who didnt even bother to go vote. I know it seemed like a fruitless cause, but every cause is unless we get involved.
Voting made me remember my first gay crush. Ok that sounded like my first lesbian crush but I meant my first crush on a gay man.(Look what it started) In highschool I was in love with Mr. Bertman our band director. He was just dreamy in that way only older sophisticated adults can be to teenage girls. Always working out and wearing nice things and driving his nice car...oh and of course his impeccable music taste. He could play any instrument, loved Bette Midler, and lent me leonard bernstein's Candide cd one day. Surprisingly none of that made me think he was gay, just so much more attractive. He would always play "the Rose" on the piano in theory class. It was my favorite Bette song. He could have had one willing 16 year old I tell you that much. Hell he could have had his pick because many a choir girl thought he was the pinnacle of manhood. All I have to say is though not in band, those 2 years of music theory were the greatest.
Well the weeks are just flying by and I have tons of things to do. I have to clean and I have to cook and I need to go shopping...damn it never ends. But most importantly I wish that my stupid left eye would stop aching. Its much better but damn I'm sick of it stinging and watering at the drop of a hat.

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