christmas time is here!

2005-12-10 / 12:13 p.m.


I saw rent last night. It was fucking awesome. I dont care what the critics say, it was amazing and I cried. Andrew cried too so I felt a little bit better.
Life has been good, if uneventful. I say that yet I have been doing more than normal. :) I had video game fun time with Paige last weekend and I stayed up till an impressive 5 am playing Baldurs Gate and hopefully we will be doing it again this weekend. I had friends night with Drew and the Desperate Housewives with some delicious chicken pasta even if I'm seeing a chicken pasta pattern here with him. :) This week it is chicken pot pie curtesy of me. I have to start my new recipe book and I have to go to the store. Plus I think Piage and I are cooking too, but I'm not sure. I have managed to do a little Christmas shopping. Its been all online but thats ok. I find it easier this way. Oh and I get my tree sometime today so I get to decorate yay! I cant wait. I think Christmas is a beautiful holiday. I think there is nothing better than getting someone the right gift and seeing them just light up; it makes my day. Sometimes I get disheartened by the selfishness I see around this time, but I try not to get down about it. What good would it do? You cant change people, either they are givers or they arent. Speaking of Christmas I need to talk to Wade and Ester and see if they want to go Christmas light looking soon. I'll whip up some eggnog and hot chocolate maybe some popcorn, and then we can go driving around ooohing and ahhing. It will be great.
I have a new work friend. I assume its fate since I seem destined to love anything named Zelda. She is truly the coolest lady. Not many people would wear a star trek buuton on their lab coat. I cant wait to start trading books with her. Its so nice to have someone else to discuss books with. SO few people enjoy reading it makes me sad.
Well its time I wrap this sucker up, I have an apartment to clean, groceries to buy, and presents to buy and wrap. Yay!

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