Magnolia to the bitter end

2005-12-20 / 8:30 a.m.


Well this is shaping up to be the worst Christmas ever. My mom is catching my Dad in several lies and quite frankly I dont want to see him. She made me promise not to say anything until after Christmas as to not ruin the holiday. Magnolia to the end as Zelda would say. I'm sick of my dad ruining christmas and other peoples lives. I dont think Brian understands why it bothers me so much but then he's never understood my relationship with my parents. I really wanted it to work this time. I wanted my dad to be there to take care of my mother. I wanted to know that she was going to be okay if I leave and be with brian or hell even just go away to school. She needs someone around and I had truly hoped that this time my father had gotten his act together. Obviously I was wrong. It hurts to know that he wont speak to my grandpa because hes gone senile and bad mouths the rest of the family, yet he'll still screw around with a woman that went out of her way to make his daughter miserable, screamed in his mothers face, and just in general acted like he had the worst family known to man. So yay for spending the morning crying; yay for realizing that at 24 you are more of an adult than your 60 year old father, and yay for having to act like nothing is fucking the matter.

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