"I'd be lying if I said I didnt have designs on you..."

2006-04-03 / 6:28 p.m.


OK so the Rhett Miller concert was the most awesomest show in the world. No seriously I mean it. He is talented beyond belief and so pretty to boot.
To start with Brandon picked me up and we went to Cafť Brazil where maybe we had a bit too much coffee. Of course Iím of the belief that its not humanly possible to have too much coffee, but still, we had a lot. There was lots of good food too, and funny conversations galore. We still had some time to kill before the show and we were off to drive around and look for the Borderís bookstore we both knew was right behind the Majestic Theater. Turns out itís the Magnolia so after we discovered that we just drove listening to his bad ass Sirius radio (someone get it for me please) singing loudly to Warrant and Chicago. We end up lost on Malcolm X Blvd and lets just say it wasnít the best part of town. It did make me wonder when carwashes became the cool nighttime hang out though. But then Iím not black so hey maybe I just donít get it.
We wondered back into Deep Ellum for the show and got great spots by the stage and some delicious Shiner all ready to enjoy the evening. The opening act was some guy from Sweden and he wasnít that great. He did come back on later and sing with Rhetts band which made him sound better but that could have been because I was staring at Rhett shake a tambourine like a wild man ( a hot, sexy, wild man might I add). I have to say that I think as far as lyrics go no one can touch Rhett with his incredible ability to hit so close to home in all of his songs. I have always said that song writing is the poetry of our age, and Rhett proves it. I heard most all of my favorites, the highlight being when it was just him and his guitar and he sang St. Ignatius, Question, and Wonít be Home, perhaps my all time favís if I was forced to choose. Of course someone got engaged during Question, its tradition now, still sweet though.
The only thing marring the night was my stupid ass leaving my camera at home, but thatís ok, its just an excuse to go again.
For now we shall pretend I took these just so everyone can bask in his beauty.


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